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Data Analytics Online Certificate
Fully online program allows you to continue working while enrolled

The data analysis techniques learned in the MS in Applied Economics program have allowed me to really become a fundamental contributor to day to day operations in my office.  It has allowed me to offer valuable insights and be a part of the conversation regarding pricing forecasts and analysis, a facet of the business I would not have been able to contribute as much to previously.”

Engaging and rigorous courses

Data Analysis

Topics Include:

  • Describing and visualizing data

  • Interval estimation and hypothesis testing

  • Non-parametric / distribution-free tests
Take advantage of a rigorous academic program and networking opportunities that will help you take the next step in your professional career. With a certificate from Boston College, you’ll become part of an engaged and passionate alumni network of over 178,000.
Students enrolled in the Certificate in Data Analytics program at Boston College
  • Engage in a 4 course program to become equipped with skills required to analyze data, understand analytic reports, and ultimately use data to make decisions that will impact their organization. Tuition is approximately $12,900 for the four courses.
  • Enroll in coursework including data analysis, complex modeling, big data techniques, and predictive modeling/forecasting. 
  • Learn at a top-tier research institution
  • Work with a faculty of accomplished academics and current industry practitioners
  • Take advantage of a flexible, fully online program, allowing for full-time work
Program includes coursework designed to prepare you with skills needed in the Data Analytics field 
Taught by industry leaders and practitioners from leading and cutting-edge organizations

Big Data Econometrics

Topics Include:

  • Advanced regression and classification methods

  • Resampling methods

  • Tree-based methods

Predictive Analytics

Topics Include:

  • ARIMA models

  • ETS Models (exponential smoothing, Holt, Winters)

  • Unobserved Components Models
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Michael Hanson, '18, Manager – New Product Development, Verizon Labs


Topics Include:

  • Binary logistic regression

  • Multinomial logistic regression

  • Generalized linear models
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